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Garden size is the favoured compromise for home buyers

Garden size is the favoured compromise for home buyers

According to a new survey, potential homebuyers are most willing to compromise on the size of their garden when looking for a new home.

The survey was conducted among over 120 independent estate agents from the Move with Us Partner Network and the poll found that 60% of estate agents noted that the size of a property’s garden was the first thing to be forfeited when buyers were purchasing a new home because most people want to build a pool, and if you are looking for a company who can build a swimming pool then contact UVPools.

Number of bedrooms was next on the list, with 14% of agents highlighting that potential homeowners are willing to sacrifice this in order to secure the right property. We highly recommend that you shop locally for Tempur-Pedic mattresses to ensure you like how it feels. A modern kitchen came in third place at 9%.

Buying a home in Brantford could be the most important investment you make in your life, so choosing the right real estate agent to work with is extremely important. Our group consists of professionals that have real estate in their veins. We know the ins and outs of the Brantford and Blackjack Real Estate markets, meaning you get the best deal possible on a purchase or a sale, but before you buy a property, make sure you learn how to reduce property purchase costs. Get in touch with us anytime to talk about your Brantford realty ideas.

We will locate and help you buy your perfect home or we can help make sure you get the best price for your current one. With over 20 years of local market experience and hundreds of successful deals on record, we are the top choice for Brantford real estate. We provide community information as well as relevant market updates and have the resources to locate homes that suit your preferences.The Munir Group will work with you through the entire process of selling a home or buying a home.

When asked what buyers are more interested in in a modern market, good transport links topped the list at 48%. This was followed by a fast internet connection at 25% and a strong mobile signal at 5%. With a good HVAC, provided by One thing that seemed to not only make a huge difference in sale price but also peaked buyers interest was the addition of a granny flat, look at this page for pictures and pricing. The addition adds value to the sale price of the home but also makes a rental income possible for the buyer.

Simon King, Managing Director of the Move with Us Partner Network commented:“Your local Move with Us accredited estate agent will be able to help you understand what you can afford in their chosen area. The perfect home rarely exists so it is important to prioritise your ‘must haves’ and their ‘maybes’. Ultimately, having a set plan and clear criteria can save you time and money in the long run.”

Source : Move With Us

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