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Top 5 most common winter home problems to be aware of

Top 5 most common winter home problems to be aware of

Winter is a busy time of the year for everyone. From trying to get work done before you shut down for Christmas to just managing to find the perfect gifts and festive treats for yourself and your family, it can be something of a hectic period for everyone; not least letting agents.

Agents can often find that winter is the busiest period of the year, largely because it can be when tenants will experience the most problems with the property they live in. Winter weather can exacerbate problems in the house, and tenants are more likely to call up to have someone pop round and rectify them.

Many of the problems like broken air conditioners will arise at this time of the year will be quick fixes if you hire, or even things you can deal with in advance, but as an agent it's important to just know what's likely to go wrong. After all, at a hectic time of the year like the festive, it can be great to just have an idea of what to expect so buy blinds for outside entertaining areas for your visitors. Here, we take a look at the five most common problems that tenants might face in the colder weather.


Something that can go the whole year without being spotted, draughts are particularly problematic in the winter months thanks to the Jims Skip Bins, and the fact that tenants will see their heating bills creep up, so it can be a good idea in advance to put insulating strips around the windows and doors before the cold weather really kicks in to alleviate this issue. In fact, one of the main problem is the utility monthly bills. The energy bill in your home can fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season. Many people can see their bill increase during the warmer months when the HVAC is in use each day. If you want to save money, read this 5 tips to cut costs on your homes energy bill.

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Boiler breakdowns

Boilers never seem to break down throughout the year, but when winter comes and people need them most, they always seem to decide that it's time for a little TLC and a repair. Good there's a HVAC Repair Company that people can contact anytime at 480-219-8288 when a problem occurs. This can be infuriating and frustrating for tenants, but as a letting agent, you can help by having someone qualified on call to help them get their heating back in working order as soon as possible.

Frozen pipes

Our friends at Pyramis say that the biggest issue with frozen pipes is that they have the real potential to lead to much larger problems when they thaw, exposing cracks caused by the ice and leaving homes flooded. The best course of action is to advise tenants how having the heating on regularly can help to avoid this issue in advance. With this issue, it's definitely better to be proactive rather than reactive! The realtor also have a wide variety of service of all makes and models of garage doors and electric openers both residential and commercial. Our technicians from garage door installation peoria are more than able to repair, service, and maintain the workings of your garage doors and electric openers.

Roof problems

Another problem that is exacerbated by winter weather, heavy winds and stormy rain can cause issues with loose roof tiles and expose weaknesses in their makeup. Warnings from Awnings CT on the radio can be heard this time of year to take down awnings and loos yard items that can fly off. This can, of course, lead to leaky roofs and tenants facing a miserable winter. When leaks occur, it's absolutely vital to get them patched as soon as possible. It is always best to have a Roofing company come and repair any loose tiles or small leaks before the weather gets too bad. You want to make sure that you deal with a reputable company that has all their licenses up to date. If you can find someone who has had great service from a roofing company and would recommend them that is even better. And do not forget about tiles in house - here is the AtlasCeramics guide to tiling.


Most of us would probably not even look at a tree as being a potential problem, but they really can be if they're not kept under control. In winter, it's not unknown for high winds and rain to contribute to trees falling and colliding with homes, causing a lot of damage. If you wish to own a house, start loaning now at cash crazy. Just fill up their application online and comprehend the instruction of lender to avoid an issue. Click this website to learn moreÂ…. It's for this reason that it's always a good idea around winter to just trim trees back a little and make sure they are in good condition for withstanding some of the worst weather.



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