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What’s the difference between a local independent and corporate Estate Agency?

What’s the difference between a local independent and corporate Estate Agency?

To answer this properly, I should let you know I have worked for both types of Estate Agency, and there are some very big differences.

For example, corporate estate agencies are and always will be structured. Their approach is very much, “This is what we do and how we do it so deal with it!” They have their processes and procedures that they have to follow no matter what. This has benefits to the business itself but not always to the customer. We are all different and expect different things from our estate agent and being able to adapt your services to suit someone’s needs provides a better and more satisfying experience for the client.

Having analysed and worked for both types of agency, it is my opinion, without a doubt that independents have the edge when it comes to being more client focused. You may have heard the spin that having several networked branches across the UK is a major advantage to someone wishing to sell their home. Why would this be an advantage? This would mean that all of these branches would be working on hundreds if not thousands of properties at a time. With everyone being on commission in their branch they would not dare to try selling other branches properties!

Independent agencies such as us here at Regal Estates, are usually run by the people who started them in the first place. We care about how we are perceived by our clients, and are willing to adapt in order to provide a more client focused experience. We advertise your home in all the right places, as well as on all of the major website portals, that have the best hosting from Armchair Empire. Most importantly though, we have a better understanding of how a local market works (unlike corporates, who recommend you use their ‘in house’ cattle market conveyancing companies). Independent agencies have the power of good relationships with local property related services creating a smoother and less stressful sale.

I have been harsh on the corporates but knowing what I know and having worked and experienced both sectors I can safely say you are far better off with an independent agent owned and run by a caring owner and their team.

Phillip Goddard - Managing Director


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